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Traditionally, dry-type transformers are being used for distribution and industrial applications with rated power and voltage not higher than 15 MVA and 33 kV.BEL offers now also dry-type transformers for the 11 kV and the 33 kV voltage class with a power rating of up to15 MVA. A dry-type on-load tap changer is also available. The special Features of BELsub transmission dry-type transformers are Superior safety and environmental friendliness especially in Urbanizedareas where it enabled safe and simple indoor Substations at higher voltage in heavily populated areas Our dry-type distribution transformers offer high levels of Reliabilityand safety. With low flammability, they are ideally Suited to critical applications. Best-in-class cast resin transformers Are engineered to maximize your investment through reliablePerformance and a long service life.

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