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Solar Panel

Bachar Engineering Ltd. is a systems integrator & installer of solar solutions and a one-stop service provider for all kinds of solar solutions. We provide best quality inverter for our On-grid solustions and best quality Battery pack for our Off-grid Solar solutions to meet individual requirement. The capacity range is 3 KWp – 500 KWp.


Bachar Engineering Ltd imports 33kV Outdoor breakers which are designed and type tested as per IEC 62271-100. The breaker has porcelain clad construction suitable for outdoor substations that ensures protection from hazardous conditions Long electrical life with proven vacuum interrupters that utilize the excellent arc quenching and insulating properties of vacuum technology.


Bachar Engineering Ltd. introduce a Solid Insulated Vacuum Recloser encapsulated with Hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy materials from Korea. The Solid Insulated Vacuum Recloser is designed for inherently reliable, intelligent automation and environmentally friendly, completely oil-free, and gas-free. We provide the ACRs as a part of the 33kV Substation Package. 


Bachar Engineering Ltd. provides the best quality 11 and 33kV Outdoor Current and Potential Transformers made by TS Transformers which is approved by all of the Electricity Providers of Bangladesh. Bachar Electric Service is a sister concern of Bachar Engineering Ltd. which is an authorized dealer of TS Transformers, Bangladesh.


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