Power Transformers

33/11KV Transformers

Bachar Power Transformers are Low Loss and High Efficient because of  the use of cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) silicon high permeability steel. The high coil-to-coil and low coil-to-ground capacitance ratio provides distribution of surge voltage over the entire coil, smartly outlined by the latest methods of automatic machining. Copper, due to its inherent high conductivity, ductility, and strength has always been the ideal material for conducting electricity. That’s why all Bachar transformers are manufactured with pure electrolytic copper only. 


  • Power range : 2.5MVA to 20MVA
  • Rated Voltage : 33/11kV
  • Vector Group : Dyn11
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Cooling : ONAN/ONAF


More Info

All Bachar Distribution and Power transformers are designed according to IEC, ANSI rating from 100 KVA to 20,000 KVA having system voltage 11 KV or 33 KV.

All Standard Accessories Such as High-Quality Tap Changer, Imported Bushing, Temperature Gauge, Oil, Level Indicator, Buchholz Relay, Silica Gel Breather, Radiator, Radiator Valve & Pressure Relief Device Are Provided in The Transformer of the Highest Quality for Safety, Monitoring Smooth Operation & Maintenance.

Distribution Transformers

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