About Us

Bachar Engineering Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company specializing in Transformers and Electrical Substation Equipment manufacturing. Since 2010, We have been providing Electric Service to the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors under the banner of Bachar Electric Service. Since Starting the journey of Bachar Engineering Ltd. in 2018, the company has been undergoing constant expansion. Bachar Engineering Ltd. follows its founder’s principles that have been the key to the development of its industry standards in Sub-Station Equipment Manufacture, supply & service. Bachar Engineering Ltd. is an electrical power solution and manufacturing company offering a range of Bangladesh and specialist electrical contracting work. We are Manufacturing, Assembling, Importing, Supplying, Testing & Commissioning all kinds of Transformer Sub-Station Equipment, such as Power & Distribution Transformer (Oil & Dry), H.T Switchgear (VCB & LBS), LT Switchgear, PFI plant, Generator, BBT, Solar system, Industrial Voltage Stabilizer, Online UPS, DB Board & much other electrical equipment.

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