Bachar Switchgears

HT Switchgear Panel

Bachar Engineering Ltd’s High tension switchgear comprises of The VCB, LBS, SF6 circuit breaker, etc. The HT Switchgears have compact design, sturdy construction and simple in operation with a tested motorized spring operation mechanism and optimized designs depends on the needs of the clients. . The design ensures ease of operation, low cost maintenance and higher longevity. The panels are fully compartmentalized and extendable on both side consisting of busbar chamber with adequate air clearance, compertments for breaker, pt, ct and cable termination and metering chamber. 

LT Switchgear Panel

Bachar low-tension Switchgears are specially designed to control and distribute power for diverse installation such as power stations, industries, mills, factories and other different loads. Switchgear panels are designed and manufactured for indoor and outdoor fixed or fully draw out type with frame structure of modular construction for easy extension & coupling depending on the condition of installation. The low-tension Switchgears comprises of Air Circuit Breakers, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Fuse switch units, Disconnectors etc. to meet individual requirement.

PFI Panels

Bachar Engineering Ltd’s Power Factor Improvement Plants are designed to meet the needs of all power factor correction by capacitor banks from small units to large plants. PFI Plant is preferable designed to eliminate the penalties for consumption of reactive power, reduction of voltage drops, increase in transformer capacity with same losses (load), reduction of line losses. The PFI Plant is supplied in cubicles of sheet metal dust & vermin proof, free-standing, and floor mounting (wall mounting in special cases).


All Bachar switchgears are made from 100% pure copper busbars and Breakers from best breaker manufacturers like ABB, Schneider, Hyundai, Chint etc.

All Bachar PFI Plants are made from 100% pure copper busbars and Capacitors and Relays from best manufacturers like ABB, Schneider, Hyundai, Epcos, Micro etc.


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